About Brent Gairy

My name is Brent Gairy. I live in Dallas, Texas and I currently work at Valtech Solutions as a Senior Project Manager. In 2017 I completed my Master of Science in Project Management from New York University. This is my personal website focused on my time as a project manager at various NYC digital agencies.


My current setup is split between a 15-inch Retina Macbook Pro and a Lenovo Edge 15 depending on the task at hand. I also use a mid–2011 Mac Mini at home as a Plex media server. I am an app and workflow junkie and I’m always sharing the best tools with friends and family. I believe that everyone should get the most out of their equipment and software is the key.


  • I use a combination of Byword, Evernote and Pocket for writing and researching my posts.
  • This site runs on WordPress and hosted on a dedicated virtual server from Siteground.


Feel free to contact me on Twitter or email brentrg@gmail.com.