The Challenge
Create a clean, focused, visually pleasing design and multi-channel content strategy to reach Purina’s desired audience. Additionally, create one seamless experience across web, mobile and tablet that would encourage more focused time spent on the site by users, increase the sharing of content and help convert users to customers.

The Plan
I was brought in during the development phase of the project to get it back on track due to a variety of problems ranging from poor communication, overlapping roles and no clear sense of the content to be delivered. At this point I reviewed and updated the documentation that had not been updated in several months and was able to migrate the team away from a legacy Redmine account and onto JIRA for proper sprints.

Getting buyin from the Program Manager I was also able to get several external resources who were able to help with content migration and image sourcing which had been critically lacking up to this point. By focusing on the blockers during the development sprints I was able to free up the tech lead who was then able to conduct more consistent code reviews from the various development partners.

The Result
Petcentric was launched in late December 2013 and within six weeks able to generate the following stats.

  • +23x lift in CTR to CRM Subscription
  • +279% increase in Share Rate on Articles
  • +142% increase in Articles Viewed per Visit
  • +20% improvement in Bounce Rate
  • +13% increase in Repeat Visitation